Today Pools, Turning green pools to blue!

Green-to-Clean Service ($100.00-$200.00 one time charge)

This is for pools that have turned green due to lack of chemical attention. We do not drain the water on this program. We have a chemical combination that will kill the all of the algae within 1-3 days. If there is large amounts of debris on the bottom of the pool (leaves, etc.), then we will need to do the Pool Drain w/ Acid Scrub Down Program .

Pool Drain w/ Acid Scrub Down (For stubborn stains, heavy algae, heavy debris in pool) ($600.00 & Up)

Drain pool, Remove and dispose of all debris on bottom of pool, Pressure wash entire pool, Acid wash scrub down entire pool, Fill with water, Clean DE filters or cartridges (inspect for tears or damage), Add all necessary chemicals to bring the Ph and Chlorine levels to the required level.